Billy Conley and his team have a deep understanding of how government works; this includes the typical matters involving the Open Meeting Act and the Access to Public Records Act as well as more complex matters such as tax increment financing and tax stabilization agreements. The firm gets to the heart of the pivotal issues at hand, quickly and thoroughly. Our experience from three decades of work with local and state government means we not only know the law, we often have the foresight to recognize problems before they get to a crisis point.

Government agencies need to get things done quickly and efficiently. We understand the multiple constituent groups and intense public focus that require an immediate response to urgent matters. Inquiries from a mayor’s office, a superintendent of schools or a department head all deserve timely replies with comprehensive answers that solve problems.

We are known for our work helping cities and towns implement complex financial tax models and streamlined regulatory procedures for successful public-private partnerships fostering development. We are passionate about education law and the delivery of regular and special education services. We recognize the legal challenges school districts face in accomplishing that goal and are able to provide the legal advice and representation necessary to help both the district and its students succeed.

We offer experience and perspective that is valued by all stakeholders with a philosophy that all are treated with respect, whether in a contentious dispute at a local hearing or addressing a labor employment matter.

Our Office
123 Dyer St, Providence, RI 02903


From Route 95 North or South, take Exit 22A toward Downtown/Memorial Boulevard.
Proceed straight through five (5) sets of traffic lights.
Proceed through the sixth light and look for 123 Dyer Street; it is a brick building on the right. The entrance is marked by the American flag.


To access our validated parking, turn right onto Pine Street immediately after the sixth light. (Look for the Capriccio restaurant awning to the right.)
Park in the first parking lot on the left for validated parking.
From there, 123 Dyer Street is just around the corner from Capriccio restaurant; the entrance is marked by the American flag. We are on the second floor.